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About Us

Our Philosophy

At BBF Paris, the harmony between man and nature isn't merely a philosophy but is deeply rooted in every action we undertake. We draw our inspiration from the richness of the Earth, viewing it as far more than just a home: it is our legacy, our responsibility, and the silent witness to every step we take.


Every product we offer, whether it's our first scented candle or our recent introduction to the nuances of grand cru vintage Chinese teas, is borne out of an immeasurable love for the wonders of the natural world. It's not just about offering products; it's an invitation to a journey where Eastern tradition meets Parisian elegance.


But we go beyond mere product design. Whenever you make an online purchase of a scented candle from us, know that you will receive your item in 100% recyclable packaging. We've meticulously designed this packaging to protect your item without excess or waste, much like a natural cocoon. Because every detail matters when striving for a more harmonious world.


With BBF Paris, living in harmony with nature isn't just an ideal; it's a reality we build together, day by day.

About BBF Paris

Our History

At BBF Paris, the fusion of cultures stands as a bridge between the mystical East and the refined West. Born in 2020 in the Paris, City of Lights, our brand is the fruit of a team whose life has danced to the rhythm of these two distinct worlds, yet so harmoniously intertwined.


Each creation is more than just a product. It reflects a fragment of nature, a melody of memories shared by our team, or even an ancient Asian philosophy. Through our works, we aim to offer you an escape, a gentle getaway that awakens your senses and enriches your awareness of the world's beauty.


The year 2020, marked by global turbulence, was the breeding ground for our inspiration. Diving deep into the "Yi JING" (Book of Changes), a testament to ancient Chinese wisdom, we birthed our collection of scented candles named "Yi."


And the journey doesn't stop there. In 2023, inspired by the French concept of "terroir" associated with wine, we crafted our Chinese grand cru vintage tea - Théroir. A relentless quest for excellence, because you deserve the very best.

On this path of creation, our steps have never wavered.

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