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YI's story and concept

In the context of 2020 which was a complicated year, came inspiration from ancient Eastern philosophy, particularly from

“Yi JING”  (易 经, “Book of Changes”), “Yi” scented candles are launched.

The fragrance was born in the center of Paris. It was carefully developed by our design team and top French perfumers over three years, and manufactured in Grasse, France, the world's most prestigious perfume capital.


We want our product to be a fusion of “Old Eastern Wisdom” and modern international aesthetics.

We take inspiration from Oriental tradition, culture and philosophy, as well as French lifestyle. Every detail of our visual design is the expression of our point of view about ourselves, our friends and the world around us. We hope this product can lead you to an internal dialogue.


It is also very important for us to respect our planet and the environment as much as possible, in the same philosophy that the Yi Jing values the harmony between humans and nature.

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