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THÉROIR's story... marked by our passion for wine. Our founder, a lover of French wines, brought a team of enthusiasts together. We noticed that tea shares many similarities with wine, as a reflection of its terroir. That's why we decided to name our tea brand "Théroir."


We hope that you will join us on this adventure by discovering our selection of exceptional teas and exploring their fascination. At Théroir, we are convinced that our passion for tea can encourage a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The Chinese tea, like a door opening to a meditative realm, transports us to the very essence of tranquillity. Come and discover our unique concept, which is much more than just a tea brand; it's a genuine art of living that celebrates the very essence of nature and culture.


Théroir is rooted in established historical tea culture in China, the origins of this legendary beverage for over 3000 years. At Théroir, we are honored to share with you our love for this noble and divine product, which embodies the essence of harmony between human and nature.

We select exceptional teas from China for you. Each harvest is carefully picked during the spring season.

We primarily focus on full-leaf tea. These leaves are carefully handcrafted by the expertise of our artisans.


Join us in this beautiful cultural adventure by discovering our specific tea selections to experience the art of life.

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