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Introducing our YI collection of scented candles, inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophies of the "Yi Jing" (The Book of Changes).

Each carefully selected fragrance is associated with a trigram from the "Yi Jing," creating a unique sensory experience that evokes both a direction, a state of nature, and a philosophical concept. Each candle is a journey towards balance, tranquillity, and timeless beauty.

Our scented candles are crafted in the heart of the prestigious PACA region, recognized as the perfume capital of France. We place a special emphasis on quality by manufacturing our candles with authentic French craftsmanship, while carefully selecting high-quality raw materials.


 "Yi Jing" 

(The Book of Changes)

"Yi" unveils the origin of the universe: the Yin (阴) and Yang (阳) are interdependent.

The Yang represents the sun, the sky, and the father; while the Yin represents the moon, the earth, and the mother. Yang is an active force, and Yin is a passive force.


Seek balance in constant change and transformation, listen to nature, and achieve universal harmony.

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