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Chen Pi Bai Cha(Mandarin Tea) Teabag 30g

Chen Pi Bai Cha(Mandarin Tea) Teabag 30g


Chen Pi Bai Cha is a fragrant white tea that combines the flavours and aromas of tea with Chen Pi (dried mandarin peels with a rich flavour and distinctive aroma). Chen Pi are used as a traditional spice in Chinese cuisine and medicine.


To produce this tea, firstly, high-quality young tea buds and mandarin peels are selected. They are then dried and ferment seperately. Mixed together in the end.


During this process, the tea leaves absorb the aromas of the Chen Pi, resulting in this unique white tea.


The tea has a sweet and refined flavor, complemented by a natural mandarine aroma. Its tea liquor is bright and light yellow. During the tasting, one experiences a soothing sweetness with a delicate touch of mandarine, providing a refreshing taste.

  • How to prepare it:

    Infusion Time: 2 minutes

    Dosage: 3g per 200ml (20cl) of water

    Infusion Temperature: 90℃ - 195°F

  • Our selection 2023

    Harvest: 3 times a year.


    Age of Tea Plant: 5 years on average.



    Located at the foot of mountains and by the seaside, the soils are sendiment of volcanic ash, rich in organic substance, with a low pH, acidic. Altitude ranges from 500 to 800 meters with mild and rainy climate.


    Soil: Red and yellow soils, alluvium.


    Chen Pi: Aged for 6 years then mixed with white tea in 2023. Dried mandarin peels (Chenpi) are sourced from Xinhui in Guangdong province, which embodies a pleasant mandarine acidity and bitterness.

  • Tasting Notes

    Tea Leaf


    Long leaves, dark brown mixed with Chen Pi.


    Willow and orange.




    Light and bright straw color


    Floral, white tea with flavors of dried orange peel.


    Smooth, velvety, and rich, with a long aftertaste.

  • Origin

    Fuding Fujian

    Fuding is a city located in the Fujian province in eastern China. It is one of the major area of white tea production in China.


    Fuding's white tea is particularly famous for its delicacy and sweet flavor. It is made from the young buds of the tea plant and is characterized by its fuzzy and silvery leaves. The manufacturing process of Fuding's white tea is very exquisite and requires special attention to preserve its delicate flavor.


    White tea with Chen Pi is an interesting and delicious variation of the traditional white tea from Fuding. Chen Pi refers to dried mandarin peel, which is added to the white tea leaves during infusion to give it a distinctive flavor and aroma.

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