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Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) 50g

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) 50g


Da Hong Pao, famous and known as the "Big Red Robe", also known as Wu Yi rock tea. Originating in the mountainous Wu Yi region of Fujian province, it is one of the most appreciated and valued tea of China.


Its rocky taste is unique, and its flavor is intense. It grows among the steep rocky cliffs of Wu Yi, gifted distinctive characteristics to the tea leaves.


The Da Hong Pao is renowned for its noble quality and rarity. It is said to have origins dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Its limited production and very strict growth conditions make it a highly precious tea. It is one of the ten most famous teas in China and enjoys a great reputation and high status.

  • How to prepare it:

    Infusion Time: 30 seconds to 1 minute

    Dosage: 5-6g per 200ml (20cl) of water

    Infusion Temperature: 100℃-212°F

    Available infusion : 3 to 5 times

  • Our selection 2023


    In spring, a single annual harvest is carried out in May. The leaves are brown, tapering and twisted, with a fermentation rate of 30% to 60%. (oolong tea)


    Tea Plant:

    from 15 to 100 years (wild varieties).

    Light cocoa aroma, bright amber liquor. Dense on the palate with a hint of minerality.



    Organic and Natural, the iron-rich rocky soil brings unique minerals to the plant during the growth process.

    Cultivated at an altitude of 300 to 400 meters in a rocky area with limited sunlight. The Wuyi Mountain is a protected area.

  • Tasting Notes

    Tea leaf


    Long, slender, wrinkled leaves with a dark anthracite color close to black.


    Intense grilled note, flintstone, black fruit aroma.




    Bright golden orange colour.


    Warm, toasty notes, full-bodied cinnamon flower.


    Rock minerality, with a texture of tea tannin.

  • Origine

    Mount Wuyi Fujian

    Our black and oolong tea plantations are located in the heart of the Wuyi mountains in China's Fujian province, the only place in the world where the Da Hong Pao and Lapsang Souchong tea plant grow.

    These two teas have become famous worldwide and are considered as the finest teas in the world.

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