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GEN (艮) – Bergamot

GEN (艮) – Bergamot


Mountain, North-East, knowledge, reflection

The joys of travel


It's been a long time since you traveled.


You want to go to a quiet vacation spot with a few close friends, to enjoy the mountains and forests.


It's decided! You leave for Sicily, without planning, and without preparation.


There, you walk under the Mediterranean sun, stop to inhale the sweet air emanating from a nearby bergamot plantation. The mountain appears on the horizon.


It's time to get back on your way.

Wax color: Black
Jar color: Black
  • Fragrance Family


  • Fragrance Pyramid

    Top notes: bergamot, fresh flowers

    Middle notes: jasmine, lemon, orange blossom

    Base notes: musk, powder

  • *Attention:

    In hot weather, candles may have a slightly oily surface, which is not because of the quality but a normal phenomenon. 

    (White wax has a lower melting point than black wax, depending on the density of the candle).

    We recommend you to put candles in a cool place indoors and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Size

    190 G

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