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KAN (坎) - Sandalwood iris

KAN (坎) - Sandalwood iris


Water, rain, north, quarry


Iris in the rain




A rainy summer day,
At the edge of a deserted path,
A wild Iris and its piercing purple petals,
Alone among the gray of the sky and the green of the vegetation.


Poem Iris by Murong XI:

"Please keep silent and never answer me again It must leave after all, this softness and clearness, A spring day with slightly humid wind


At the end, I am to you

As the deep purple iris is to this spring

Still betraying each other after all"

Wax color: White
Jar color: Black
  • Fragrance family


  • Fragrance pyramid

    Top notes: Ylang, Cinnamon

    Middle notes: Rose, iris, Jasmine

    Base notes: Musk, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Vanilla

  • *Attention:

    In hot weather, candles may have a slightly oily surface, which is not because of the quality but a normal phenomenon. 

    (White wax has a lower melting point than black wax, depending on the density of the candle).

    We recommend you to put candles in a cool place indoors and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Size

    190 G

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