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SHAN (山) - Dream Stone

SHAN (山) - Dream Stone


With our SHAN tray, bring a bit of nature home.


In China, marble is called "Stone of Dali 大理石". Indeed, the city of Dali is renowned for its light marble containing darker minerals. The contrast of colors reveals natural designs in the rock, reminiscent of ancient Chinese paintings which are called Shanshui 山水. They depicted nature, mountains, and rivers, from which they got their name.


It is from these natural drawings, which can represent landscapes or silhouettes, that the name "Dream stone" comes from.


Dream stones have been made for several centuries in China. The stairs of the Forbidden City are themselves made of Dali marble slabs weighing several tons each.





Our trays are handcrafted with great care using the tenon-mortise assembly method. No glue is used.



Our Trays are directly delivered by the manufacturer in China.

Delivery time is 30 days maximum.


  • Materials

    Wood: Burmese Rosewood

  • Dimensions

    - Small : 15 x 15 x 2 cm

    - Medium : 20 x 20 x 2 cm

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