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Tai Ping Hou Kui (Monkey King) 50g

Tai Ping Hou Kui (Monkey King) 50g


Tai Ping Hou Kui is a green tea produced in the Huang Shan region (Yellow Mountain) in the Anhui province and is one of the top ten green teas in China. It is characterized by its straight and plump buds, pointed at both ends. Its taste is fresh and mellow, with a sweet aftertaste. After few time of infusion, tea will never taste bitter or astringent.


Tai Ping Hou Kui was created in 1900. It was originally a wild plant. It is said that birds picked up the tea seeds and scattered them among the rocks, so they gradually develop into a forest over time. However, the cliffs were so steep that no one could climb them. The local people then trained monkeys to climb to the top and harvest the tea leaves, which were later hand-processed and transformed into Tai Ping Hou Kui.

  • How to prepare it:

    Dosage: 2-3g per 200ml (20cl) of water

    Infusion Temperature: 90℃ - 195°F


    Infusion Instructions: Place the tea leaves with the root facing downwards in the cup. Add water until it covers half of the tea leaves and wait for them to unfold, then add the rest of water. Steep about 2 minutes before tasting the green tea.


    Typically, Taiping Houkui can make 2-3 infusion. Suggest not to finish the cup at once; refill when few left.

  • Our selection 2023


    A single annual harvest takes place in April or May, depending on the vintage.


    Age of Tea Plant:

    20 to 30 years.



    Sandy and rich in minerals, black in color. Resulted from the weathering and decomposition of granite, with strong water permeability. The tea plantations are typically facing north, with half exposed to sunlight and half hillsides. The temperature is cool and humid, with an average of 15°C.

  • Tasting Notes

    Tea Leaf


    Fairly long and flat leaves with a bright green color.


    Slightly smoky vegetal note.




    Light green and dark yellow.


    Delicate fragrance of orchid and dried leaves.


    Intense, floral flavor, with the bitterness of tea and sweet notes on the finish.

  • Origine

    Mount Huang Anhui

    Mount Huang, also known as Mount Huangshan, is one of the most famous regions in China for tea production. Located in the Anhui province in eastern China, Mount Huang is renowned for its spectacular landscapes, steep peaks, misty clouds, and dense forests. This unique nature creates ideal conditions for cultivating some of China's most renowned teas.


    The Tai Ping Hou Kui plantations are situated at high altitudes, typically between 700 and 1,000 meters, where the cool and humid climate is, combined with nutrient-rich soils, provides ideal conditions for growing this prestigious tea. The ecological environment is excellent and there is no any industrial pollution.

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