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ZHEN (震) - Lotus Flower

ZHEN (震) - Lotus Flower


Tonnerre, East, health, family


Labor in the rain




It's monsoon season in southern China, weather is muggy, a thunderstorm can come as suddenly as it leaves.


An old woman, her skin tanned by the sun, collects seeds in a lotus field.


The sky darkens, thunder echoes in the distance, peasants barely shelter when the rain is pouring down.



After a few minutes, the sun pierces through the clouds. The sweet scent of nature awakening spreads into the air.

Wax color: Black
Jar color: Black
  • Fragrance family


  • Fragrance Pyramid

    Top notes: melon, cucumber, pine

    Middle notes: Apiaceae, green tea, violet, lotus

    Base notes: bamboo, driftwood

  • *Attention:

    In hot weather, candles may have a slightly oily surface, which is not because of the quality but a normal phenomenon. 

    (White wax has a lower melting point than black wax, depending on the density of the candle).

    We recommend you to put candles in a cool place indoors and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Size

    190 G

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